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Motor Run Capacitor CBB60
1. Small and light;
2 .High insulation resistance, small warm up inside;
3. Low wastage, suit for alternating current;
4. Good capacitance stability and self-recovery;
5. Safety and high reliability due to flame-retardant plastic and
   metal case enclosed and flame-retardant epoxy resin filled;
6. CBB60 metallic polypropylene film capacitors, which can be used
   for the start and running of 50 to 60Hz AC (alternating current) single-phase
   asynchronous motors, pumps, washing machines and so on, can be used for the
   no-power equalization of lamps to improve the power.

Specifications: Can be supplied according to the customers' special need.

1.Operation Temperature: -40 to 70, -40 to 85
2.Raed Voltage: 110 to 630V.AC
3. Voltage Proof: T-T 2UR/10S  T-C 2200V.AC/10S
4. Capacitance Tolerance : 5%, 10%
5. Insulation Resistance: T-T3000uF  T-C1000
6. Dissipation Factor: 0.002
7. Capacitance Rang: CBB60: 3 uF to 60 uF
8. Dimension: CBB60 D:22 to 65  H: 30 to 155
9. Reference Standard: IEC60252-1:2001 GB/T3667-1-2005

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