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Motor Start Capacitor CD60
1.Small, light and large capacity;
2 .Little leak of current and small warm up inside:
3. Low wastage, use for alternating current;
4. Stable quality and credible capability;
5 The product, which has the characteristic of little capacitance change,
  stable performance, small tangent of wearing angle, durability, etc. in
  high temperature, is applicable to start up of AC motors.

Specifications: Can be supplied according to the customers' special need.

1.Temperature Rage: -10  to +55
2.Rated Voltage :110 to 330VAC
3.Voltage Proof: T-T 1.25UR/2S  T-C 2000V.AC/10S
4.Capacitance Tolerance: 30
5.Dissipation factor: 0.10
6.Capacitance Rang: 50 uF to 600 uF
7.Reference Standard: IEC60252 GB/T3667 (US type ANSI/EIARA-463)

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