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Motor Start Capacitor-American Style
INTORDUCTION: This kind of the capacitors are developed and researched
according to standard of American Electronics Association (ANSI/EIARS-463).
The external case of the capacitor is made of Bakelite plasticized that its character
are not only good insulating resistance and strong resistance damaged but also
protecting electro-liquid as good sealed feature. It is popular used for the super
AC application as good life, higher degree of reliability and stability.
1.Temperature Range: 25to +65
2.Raed Voltage: 110 to 330V.AC
3. Capacitance Range: 21 to 1200MFD
4. Dissipation Factor: 0.10
5. Load life: According to the different rated voltages and capacitance, 0.5-4minutes
    turn on (1 second), 12500 to 50000 times According to the standard RS-463
6. Withstand Voltage between terminals: T-T 1.2UR/2s
7. Withstand Voltage between terminal and case: T-C 2000VAC
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