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Air Conditioner Capacitor CBB65-2          [Buy]      Return     click3596
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1.Explosion proof. CLASS : P2
2.High insulation resistance, small warm up inside;
3.Low wastage, suit for alternating current;
4. Good capacitance stability and self-recovery;
5. Safety and high reliability due to the plastic and metal case,
    flame-retardant epoxy resin filled.
6. CBB65 metallic polypropylene film capacitors have the special
   characteristic of good impact endurance, strong over loading capacity,
   and inner-installed flameproof equipment which provide your with
   credible secure. They are applicable for starting and running in household
   electric appliances as washing machine, air conditioner which demand
   50 to 60Hz AC power supply.Specifications: Can be supplied according to
   the customers' special need.
Specifications: Can be supplied according to the customers' special need.

1.Operation Temperature: -40 to 70, -40 to 85
2.Raed Voltage: 110 to 630V.AC
3. Voltage Proof: T-T 2UR/10S  T-C 2200V.AC/10S
4. Capacitance Tolerance : 5%, 10%
5. Insulation Resistance: T-T3000uF  T-C1000
6. Dissipation Factor: 0.002
7. Capacitance Rang: 10 uF to 100 uF
8. Dimension: D:40 to 60  H: 60 to 240
9. Reference Standard: IEC60252-1:2001 GB/T3667-1-2005

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