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GPO3 Polyester Glass Mat Laminate Sheet          [Buy]      Return     click2764
Product category:
GPO3 Polyester Glass Mat Laminate Sheet 
Characteristics & Application:
GPO3 Polyester Glass Mat Laminate Sheet is produced by combining polyester resin with glass
mat and suitable in organic fillers and laminating under heat and pressure. It is also called as
Electrical Insulation: GPO3 has good electrical property under high humidity and high mechanical
property under medium temperature, fire retardant property, good arc resistance and tracking resistance.
Mechanical Strength: It can be machined, punched, drilled, milled, sawn, sanded, sheared or routed.
Assembly by bonding, metal screws or rivets are also possible.
It is widely used in the low voltage electrical industry in the European and American countries.
Sheet Size: 1020MM x 2040MM, 1000MM x 2000MM
Color: Red, White, Grey
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